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In 2018 we hosted the following presenters:

11:00-11:45  Are You Living Life Well-Balanced?
Neally French & Kim Cynewski, Nerium International Independent Brand Partners

With Nerium's comprehensive age-fighting product line you can embrace wellness with decades of biotechnology research ensuring you not only look better outside but more importantly feel better inside. Nerium believes in a holistic approach for defying aging of the face, body & mind. Please join us to learn about and sample proprietary products helping you repair and maintain your body's health achieving balance inside & out!

12:00-12:45  Get Healthy / Stay Healthy
Dr. Suzy Harris – Owner and Senior Physician at  Cedar Wood Natural Health Center in South Burlington

Are you eating well (for the most part)?  Exercising (mostly)? Getting enough rest? Staying hydrated? Still can’t get your vitality back on track?
Join Dr. Suzy Harris for a conversation about the common hidden issues that can keep you from getting back to feeling like yourself again.

Join us and learn a few bits of info that could help you wake up with energy, strength and stamina to pursue the things that bring you joy and fulfilment!

1:00-1:45 How to Avoid Having Too Much Life at the End of the Money
Brigitte Lackey, Financial Representative, Lackey Financial Services, LLC
Doug Geurin and Brigitte Lackey of Lackey Financial Services, LLC, will focus on tax deferred growth and tax free distribution of money for retirement. We'll also talk about ideas on how to not outlive your money, how to potentially avoid probate and protect one's legacy. We'd like to speak for 30 minutes and then have a Q&A for 15 minutes (you mentioned the speaking slot is 45 minutes).
Doug and Brigitte are independent agents and represent multiple companies which allows us to bring more than one option to the table to help clients meet their financial objectives.

2:00-2:45  Women, Wine, & Wellness!
Women’s Health Seminar by Dr. Steve Brandon, an expert in the field of wellness.
An interactive presentation for women who are passionate about their health! Gain practical tips to enjoy life, decrease stress, increase energy - While enjoying complimentary wine and good company!  

 Three keys to Career Ecstasy
Markey Read, Career Networks

There are three key elements to loving your job.  Most people focus on job responsibilities and job title.  There is a lot more to the story.  This interactive workshop will help you identify what is missing and how you can fill in the rest of your story.  Come join us to assess how you rank on the Career Ecstasy Scale and start taking your next step.
Markey Read supports people in developing and achieving their vision for careers and business leadership. With 20+ years of experience in coaching and training groups and individuals, she specializes in professional career development and entrepreneurial development. 








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Saturday, March 23, 2019
10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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Essex Junction, Vermont





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