11:00-11:45  Taking care of our Electric Health
Eileen McKusick - Biofield Tuning, Burlington, VT

How can we keep our energy and our health up in a world that seems to drain us at every turn? Lots of people eat clean and exercise but still suffer from low energy, poor digestion, autoimmune issues, and more. Despite the promises of pills and supplements, they aren’t providing the solutions that many are seeking. Eileen McKusick introduces the idea of Electric Health, and how we can raise our voltage (overall electrical energy in our bodies) through simple lifestyle modifications that don’t involve diet and exercise. Once our system has enough charge, it takes care of itself, and we can start raising that charge right away through learning how to think of ourselves electrically, rather than chemically.


12:00-12:45  Speak For Yourself: How and Why to Move Beyond Fear and Find Your Voice
Leora Dowling - Public Speaking Coach

In this lively and inspiring presentation, public speaking coach Leora Dowling explains why it’s not just possible, but necessary, that women move beyond youthful fears and assumptions and raise their voices with purpose, power and pride. Whatever your dream or your goal—whether you seek to teach, persuade, entertain or inspire—the process of connecting with others begins by changing your mindset. Communicating with clarity and more confidence than ever before is something you can learn to do; why not begin to find your true voice today?


1:00-1:45 Give Art Therapy a Try - Learn to create Mandalas
Amy Fortier - Amy Fortier Art, Lebanon, NH
You’ve most likely seen, and possibly own, those beautifully detailed mandala coloring books that promote relaxation and mindfulness. But what if you could create your own? Take a break from your day in this hands-on seminar where artist Amy Fortier will teach you how to easily create those same images no matter your artistic level. You’ll leave with the skills to draw your own mandalas and the confidence that you too are an artist!


2:00-2:45  Four Ways to Find the One You’re Looking for
Janet Savage, Master Hand Analyst - Handtales, Morrisville, VT
What do ducks and strangers have to do with finding a healthy relationship? Come find out! Are you in a relationship that is toxic or stale? Looking for one that is healthy and feels like a partnership? Maybe you’ve chosen to hang out with squirrels and birds since they’re the only ones you can trust. We all crave connection (and need it). We just need a little help to open up to others. Join Janet Savage, Master Hand Analyst and owner of HandTales to discover or re-discover the love and connection you deserve. Your hands contain the secrets to healthy relationships. You’ll be surprised by what you hear. Let’s dive into Four Ways to Find (and Nourish) Authentic Relationships.  

 Finding Your Next Job - Job Search Strategies That Work
Sue Schlom, Recruiter & Job Search Advisor – Vermont Recruiting

Who really likes looking for a new job?  The reality is - finding a job is hard.  Many job-seekers create a resume and use it to apply to dozens of companies for whatever jobs look interesting, only to get declined, or even worse, not hear anything back.  That feeling of rejection can be internalized and lead to self-doubt.  In this seminar, we’ll be discussing strategies and techniques that will help you go back out into the market with renewed confidence, and improve your chances of getting the job you want.  Sue Schlom is an experienced Recruiter and Job Search Advisor.  As a Recruiter, she has worked with Vermont companies including Keurig, Seventh Generation, and National Life.  As a Job Search Advisor she has advised students and recent grads, mid-career professionals, and executives, successfully helping them find great jobs.  She also teaches a job search advising course at UVM CDE.








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